meName’s Jessica, but you can call me Scratch A nickname I have received from a love one.

I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles in June of 2013.

Education wise, I have a B.A. in Graphic Design & Visual Communication, and have what I like to think is, a generous nice amount of studio arts experience, but with still a lot of room to constantly grow.

I am a Graphic Designer & Photographer with a smidgen of Web Designer in me, as well as an Artist at heart. 

On my off time, I like to stream and connect with people online who share the same passion as I do on , where I show case my ranges of art interests. I also own another website called,, where most of my random arts are posted and where I also blog. I also enjoy learning new things such as video editing and posting time lapses of my work on my Youtube or random vlogs.

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-10-42-19-pmWhen I am not doing art related things, I do enjoy games, nature hiking, sporty things, watching & reading anime, and pretty much anything geeky. I have a healthy or not healthy obsession with collecting vinyl arts, prints, and like to surround myself with things that inspire me as well as the works of individuals who I want to support.

Of course, there’s also the time to spend with family and friends whom are important to me, even when I am hiding away in my studio space. That means random outings and adventures that are filled with fun, food, and of course new memories.

I am also a fan of charity runs and like to donate what I can, when I can. I am a big fan of GamesDoneQuick and any of the artists that I follow that also run their individual charities of their choice.

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-10-31-05-pmFor traditional art, I work with many different types of mediums but I seem to enjoy sketching whenever I can during my free time and letting my mind wander. I also sculpt and make toy customs, paint with gouache, sketch on the go with pen and pencils, and paint when I sit in my studio. I have recently picked up Copic Markers and also enjoy seeing the colors blend ever so nicely.

I am always constantly trying to create, whether it is good or not,  because there is always room for improvement.

I pretty much like anything creative or that makes me think. Seeing or learning the process interests me most. I mean, the idea of just making something out of the tip of your fingers with things around you makes it special.
And the only thing that gives me even more happiness is when someone receives something I have made and their faces light up. That’s a joy you can never replace, especially after knowing endless hours you put into it, just so you can see those expressions.